Ramechhap, March 18

Monkeys are giving a hard time to the locals of villages in Ramechhap.

A large number of monkeys emerging from a nearby forest have terrorised the people of Pakarbas, Salu, Sunarpani, Kathjor and Manthali.

“Victims said that the monkeys destroyed all the crops and fruits. They even steal food and other stuff from our houses,” said a local.

Fed up with the monkey menace, the victims have urged authorities concerned to take the situation under control. “However, we have not got any support from local bodies in this regard,” complained Prabhakar Dhungel, a local from Pakarbas.

Bimala Shrestha of Khadadevi Rural Municipality-5 said that their everyday work had been badly affected due to the monkey menace.

“Someone or the other must stay at home. Monkeys create havoc if we leave our houses unattended,” she regretted.