Monsoon threatening lives, people seek protection


Locals of some rural areas in Kaski, which was shaken badly during the earthquake of April 25 and its aftershocks, have demanded conservation of their settlement fearing landslides, with the start of monsoon in the district.

As the cracked hilly land started to split due to accumulation of rainwater, people have posted their application at the District Land Conservation Office, Kaski, seeking necessary support for their resettlement in safer places.

According to Bishnu Prasad Pokhrel information officer at the office, as many as 16 households of Rupakot-8, Nigale, have dropped applications demanding protection for their houses. “As there are cracks in around 2,000 square metres of the locality posing threat to the settlement, they have to be shifted to safer places,” said Pokhrel.

Likewise, as many as 14 houses at Bhadaure Tamagi-4, are said to be at great risk of landslides. Approximately 10,000 square metres of the locality has developed cracks due to the quakes. As many as 18 houses have been facing similar threats after the land started to slip at Hansapur-9, Kaure, of the district.

The victims have demanded necessary initiatives from the government to prevent landslides. A total of 1,500 square metres of the locality has developed cracks.

Jeet Bahadur Pariyar of Moja-3 dropped his application at the administration office seeking protection as his house is under great threat of landslide. Ram Chandra Subedi of Kisti-3, Nachnechaur demanded fund to prevent landslides. Likewise, Tek Prasad Adhikari of Dhital VDC, Bishnu Prasad Bhandari of Kaskikot VDC, among others, have appealed to the land conservation office to resettle them.

Chief District Land Conservation Office, Kaski, Uddav Bahadur Ghimire, said Kaule of Rupakot was worst hit. “Bhadaure Ghatichhina also is most likely to be hit by landslips in the monsoon,” he said, adding that the government had allocated Rs 1 million for natural disasters, which was not sufficient.

Taprang and Salyan of Sildajure; Keurani, Majhthana, Bijayapur, Chanekhola of Ghandruk; Gorje of Mijure; Nepane of Dangsingh; Lumle and Sardikhola are said to be under threat of landslip.

According to Land Conservation Office Kaski, more than 200 households on the banks of Seti River are likely to be swept away any time