BHAKTAPUR: A month-long fair began at the popular Ashapuri Mahadev and Doleswor Mahadev temple in Sipadole of Surya Binayak municipality with the beginning of the month of Srawan in the Lunar calendar today. Devotees have begun to increase since early this morning with the beginning of the fair, said Vice-chair of the Doleswor Mahadev temple preservation and development committee Kiran Thapa. Worshiping of the Ashapuri Mahadev is believed to bring good fortune. A large number of women observing fast in the month of Srawan also visit the temple. Devotees from Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Kavre throng the temple throughout the month. Likewise, the Doleswor Mahadev temple is also drawing huge number of devotees since this morning. It is equally revered throughout the holy month of Srawan, added Thapa. Volunteers in abundant numbers have been mobilised in both the temples to facilitate those arriving to observe the fair and pay obeisance.