Morang people begin night patrolling

Biratnagar, October 12:

Local residents have begun night patrolling on Morang road section along the East-West Highway owing to rise in cases of robbery and theft ahead of Dashain.

According to inspector at the Belbari area police

office, Santosh Khadka, locals have started night patrolling in nearly 40 km stretch of the highway from Morang’s Gachhiya to Urlabari. Night patrolling covers even the villages, though the task was targeted on the highway, he said.

The Belbari area police office has also assisted the locals’ initiative to curb rising criminal cases by issuing identity cards for them. Locals patrol the area carrying only sticks and wooden logs instead of traditional domestic weapons.

Saying that anybody found after 10:00 pm would be investigated, Kedar Rai, a vigilant, said, “Our security check-up is no less strict than military one.” Anyone found suspicious would be handed over to the police, he added.

Rajan Thapa of Gachhiya said the night patrolling concept was launched after the transport entrepreneurs demanded to declare the highway as peace zone. He informed that the night patrolling job starts at 10:00 pm and ends at 04:00 am.

Over 70 village security committees were formed from east Itahari of Sunsari to Morang’s Urlabari for night patrolling. Locals of Gachhiya, Birat Chowk, Belbari, Shanischre, Pathari and Urlabari have been enthusiastically performing night patrolling duty. Inspector at the Urlabari area police office, Lok Darshan Thapa, said the village security committees have been patrolling jointly with two area police offices in Urlabari and Belbari. Each patrolling team consists of 20 to 50 members.