More energy sought from India

New Delhi, February 1:

The government of Nepal and the Nepal Electricity Authority have requested India’s Power Trading Corporation (PTC) to supply power to Nepal.

The PTC has been supplying 5 MW to Nepal for a few months. Nepal has asked PTC to raise the supply level. “The government of Nepal and the NEA have sent us letters for 25 MW more,” said PTC chairman Tantranth Thakur.

Earlier also, the NEA had asked PTC to supply 40 MW. However, that could not be managed as the main transit point in Bihar was unable to supply the requisite power.

An official at India’s External Affairs Ministry said Nepal and NEA have sent letters through the Indian embassy in Kathmandu to India’s Water Resources and External Affairs ministries asking for more power. PTC chief Thakur said: “We will start a tour of Bihar and try to do the needful.”