More families than listed in CBS report 2011 come to claim relief in Dhading

DHADING: The number of households in Dhading district has increased by 20 per cent as compared to the population mentioned in the report of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) 2011, according to the District Disaster Management Committee, Dhading.

The Committee stated that around 60 per cent households have been found to be increased in Lapa VDC while the households were found decreased by 22 per cent in Sertung VDC as compared to the CBS report 2011.

The relief distribution has been complicated after 1,368 families came to claim relief distributed to the earthquake victims. The CBS report shows only 853 households in Lapa. All the houses in the VDC are completely damaged in April 25 earthquake and aftershocks. The relief materials sent as per the CBS report could not cover around 40 per cent population.

A team of the Committee reached to the northern belt of the District reported that problems have surfaced to distribute the relief materials in Ri, Semjong, and many other VDCs in the district.

The government teams deployed for the relief distribution face problems as the VDCs have more families to claim the relief materials against the normal calculation which estimates possibilities of increasing households by five per cent, said Chairman of the Committee Basudev Ghimire.

According to the report of the CBS 2011 there are 73,842 households in the district but locals claimed that 81,336 households have been completely damaged in the earthquake while 3,091 households suffer partial and minor damages, Ghimire added.