As many as 12,469 people did not receive the second dose of vaccine against COVID-19 in Bajura.

People were deprived of the vaccine as they went out of contact after receiving the first dose. According to Bajura Health Office, the office does not know why people did not come for the second dose.

As many as 38,590 have received the first dose of Vero Cell and 16,672 have received Covishield in the district.

Vaccination Officer Leknath Neupane said that as many as 29,261 people have received the second doze of Vero Cell and 13,732 have received Covishield in different phases.

The health office aimed to provide the vaccines to 99,062 people above 18 years of age in Bajura.

The number of people receiving the vaccine is very low even though the vaccination campaign is being launched on a regular basis from three vaccination centres.

The vaccination centres were established at Kolti Primary Health Centre, Tante Health Post and Public Health Promotion Unit, Martadi.

Chief at District Health Office Daya Krishna Panta said that the vaccination campaign was launched from 84 centres earlier.

The next vaccination campaign will be launched from December 24 to 27.

A version of this article appears in the print on December 20, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.