Moriarty main villain in peace bid: Hisila Yami

Kathmandu, August 5 :

Central committee member of the CPN-Maoist Hisila Yami today accused the US ambassador of acting as the main villain in Nepal’s ongoing peace process.

“US ambassador James Moriarty becomes excessively active when he sees some ray of hope in the government-Maoist talks,” she said at a mass meeting organised at Lagan by the Newar National Liberation Front.

“Moriarty decried the historic 12-point agreement on the highest pitch, but was pleased when the king made his first announcement”. “Moriarty has become restless because he knows arms management will get under way according to the eight-point accord and the CA election will be announced soon.”

“The US government reacts whenever it sees countries ridden by civil wars moving towards peace,” Yami said, adding, “Time has come for the Nepalis to decide whether they want US domination or peace.” “Only after declaring the Kathmandu Valley Newar Republican Autonomous region will the denizens of the valley, who have always been downtrodden, be liberated.”

“Love and preservation of language, art and culture alone will not liberate the people. They need a state of their own to enjoy the rights enjoyed by the people of the 21st century.”

Despite the parliamentary proclamation, the army is still “royal” by nature, she said. “The recent incident on Durbar Marg and the recent report of army men raping women and leaving them pregnant have rendered the proclamation meaningless.” “The Newars of the valley are revolutionary by nature,” said Pawan Man Shrestha, president of the NNLF, adding, “The declaration of the valley as an autonomous region will take the People’s War to a new height.”

“Ethnic autonomy will be meaningless if it does not encompass the right to self-determination.” “Just as a woman has the right to opt for a divorce from a tortuous hubby, so

have the people the right to self-determination.”