Most domestic violence cases being settled thru reconciliation

Lamjung, February 24

Most of the domestic violence cases registered with Lamjung District Police Office were settled through reconciliation.

A total of 49 cases were registered with Women, Children and Senior Citizens Service Centre of the district police till date this fiscal, according to the centre’s Chief Nandu Kumari Adhikari. Adhikari said settlement of most cases involved reconciliation after discussion.

Of the total 49 cases, 25 were settled through reconciliation. Three cases were registered in the court while discussion was under way on the remaining cases.

Most of the cases are related to physical torture, mental torture and expulsion from the house, among others.

The district police office had recorded only 12 cases of domestic violence last fiscal. Of them, nine were reconciled while the plaintiffs of three cases were out of contact. According to the centre, settling domestic violence cases through reconciliation had resolved the problem.

Rainash Municipality Deputy Mayor and judicial committee Coordinator Dhan Kumari Gurung said her committee received most of the domestic violence cases. “We call both parties, hold discussion and settle the case through reconciliation,” she added.