Mother, daughter rescued from hotel in Khotang

Khotang, May 8

Khotang police today rescued a mother and her daughter from a hotel at the directive of National Human Rights Commission.

NHRC had directed the police to rescue the mother and her daughter, who were working at Hotel Shuvdin in Diktel.

They had been made the victims of sexual abuse and physical torture.

NHRC and a police team had jointly rescued the mother and her daughter from their rented apartment near Kumari Cinema Hall saying that the perpetrators had tried to cover up the incident by forging reconciliation with the victims.

Jhakar Bahadur Rawal, chief at the National Human Rights Commission Sub-regional Office, Khotang, said that his office had directed the police to rescue the mother and daughter as the perpetrators were trying to send the victims to the Capital after signing the reconciliation paper.

An investigation is on and the facts will come out after the probe is over, Rawal added.

The incident came to the surface after the victim filed a case at the District Police Office against hoteliers Hari Prasad Acharya and Kabiraj Rijal for thrashing and sexually abusing her.

Women rights activists say the mother and daughter were made victims of sexual abuse and physical torture 12 days ago.

They were driven out of their home due to domestic violence.

With her parental home in the Capital, the woman got married and had come to Dorpachiuri Danda in Khotang four years ago.

After her husband left her and she was driven out of home, the woman had come to the shelter of Balsewa Society in Diktel.