MPs ask senior leaders to douse Tarai flames

Kathmandu, July 21:

Members of Parliament (MPs) today unanimously asked senior leaders of the eight parties to immediately visit the Tarai, hold direct talks with the agitating factions and address their genuine demands.

Speaking during the special session of the Parliament today, Nepali Congress (NC) MP Gopal Koirala urged the eight-party leaders to hold direct talks on issues and demands put forth by Tarai-centric agitating factions. “Time has come for the leaders to take initiatives to put an end to turmoil,” Koirala said.

CPN (UML) MP Suresh Kumar Karki asked the government to resolve the Tarai crisis before it is too late. He expressed concern about the threat issued against the Pahade people by an agitating group. MP Narayan Dahal expressed concern about “differing views” of the ministers on the Tarai crisis. It may be noted that Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, on Saturday, had given a 15-day ultimatum to the agitating factions of the Tarai to come for talks.

Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel had said that the ultimatum reflected “home minister’s personal view”.

The Tarai crisis should be resolved politically, Dahal said. MP Rishikesh Gautam asked the government to create a conducive environment for the constituent assembly elections. Shankar Sharma Adhikari, of the CPN-UML, criticised the government for failing to create a conducive atmosphere for the elections. “The government should take initiatives to put an end to terror plaguing the Tarai.”

Today’s meeting of the parliament passed the proposal to send Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (second amendment) Bill-2064 BS in the committee concerned for a clausewise discussion.

Minister of State for General Administration Ram Chandra Yadav presented the proposal on behalf of Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Mahantha Thakur. The parliament also passed the proposal to send the Decoration Bill-2064 BS and the Sapling Preservation Bill-2064 BS in committees concerned for “clausewise” hearing.

Poll delay will cost dear: Poudel

Janakpurdham: Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel today said the nation will cease to exist if constituent assembly (CA) elections

were not held on the stipulated date. Speaking at an interaction in Janakpur, Poudel said, “The constituent assembly elections will decide whether people’s mandate or guns will prevail.”

Saying that the nation is in a difficult phase, Poudel, also general secretary of the Nepali Congress (NC), said, “Attempts made after the second Jana Andolan to deliver justice to the

people of the Madhesi community failed.” Stating that the CA will make the people sovereign, he said, “All problems will be solved gradually through a democratic process.”

Mistakes that occurred during the process of fixation of electoral constituencies should be rectified, he said, adding that a discussion to rectify the mistake has been going on.

A process has been initiated to recruit the people of the Madhesi community in the army and police, he said, adding, “I disagree with the Maoist argument that all issues should be resolved before the CA elections.” — HNS