MPs criticise Koirala for lax government

Kathmandu, September 10 :

Lawmakers at the House of Representatives (HoR) today heavily criticised Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala for the way his government was functioning.

While a majority of MPs speaking at the special hour blamed the government for ‘weak security situation’ across the country; a few others accused the PM for rewarding security officials, who had suppressed the Jana Andolan II and were being investigated.

MP Hom Nath Dahal claimed “unwanted elements” to have grabbed opportunity in the transition period, and blamed the government for remaining quite on maintaining security.

He also accused the Maoists for being ‘aggressive and undisciplined’ in the last 100 days. “Serious incidents have taken place in the Capital, what are the Home Minister and police officers doing?” he asked.

MP Lila Mani Pokhrel criticised the PM for not attending the House’s session, when he able to attend ceremonies meant to reward culprit of Jana Andolan II.

“PM can hold several meetings with imperialist diplomats; he can hold a two-hours-long meeting with the King; he can go to ceremony for rewarding army chief, but why cannot he attend the meeting of the House or cannot stay even for 20 minutes in the meeting of seven political parties?,” queried Pokhrel.

If this HoR is not respected, he said, “it should be dissolved.” Pokhrel added that the PM would be responsible if the country plunges into even a bigger bloodshed. “The government has been chanting summit talks with the Maoists and the Maoists say that the talks is not possible, then what ground works is the government doing with whom for holding summit talks?” asked Pokhrel.

Criticising the government for reappointing “suspended officers as advisors in government agencies,” MP Asta Laxmi Shakya also criticised Maoists for continuing their “extortion, abduction and intimidation.”

MP Nawaraj Subedi criticised the government for appointing the ‘officer, who had suppressed the people’s movement’, as the Chief of the Army Staff.

“Appointment of Rukmangat Katuwal, who suppressed the people’s movement, as a new Army Chief is against people’s aspiration; and Janamorcha Nepal condemns it,” said Subedi.

He drew the government’s concerns regarding the robbery of 17 passenger buses in western Nepal.

MP Bharat Mohan Adhikari asked the Rayamajhi Commission to take statement of the King as well. “All criminals of the Jana Andolan II should be punished,” added Adhikari. MP Arjun Jung Bahadur Singh also criticised the government for reappointing those suspended.

Meanwhile, chairman of the Parliamentary State Affairs Committee (SAC) MP Hirdaya Ram Thani today presented the bill related to Public Document Authentication and a report on it at the House of Representatives (HoR) today. After five meetings, SAC members last week had reached a conclusion to remove Clause 2 of the bill.