MPs demand immediate resumption of supplies

Kathmandu, October 9

Members of Parliament today demanded that the government ensure supply of essentials by resolving the ongoing political unrest in the Tarai through dialogue.

The MPs had demanded some extra time before the parliamentary business began today.

Addressing the parliament meeting, parliamentary party leader of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Ashok Rai, said the government and major parties should take the ongoing agitation in the Tarai-Madhes seriously. He said the ministers themselves were in confusion about the blockade.

Leaders, including Bhim Rawal of UML, Agni Sapkota of Unified CPN-Maoist and Bharat Kumar Sah of Nepali Congress, urged the government to find alternative ways to ensure smooth supply of essential commodities. Meanwhile, UCPN-M lawmaker Janak Raj Joshi said China card would not work in Nepal because Rana rulers, Shah Rulers and even BP Koirala had failed to do that.

He suggested to the government to find an interlocutor who can represent all sides, including the government as well as the agitating and ruling parties of the country, to hold dialogue with India. He said invoking international laws will not help as they are not binding.

Lawmakers, including Chitra Bahadur KC, Prakash Jwala, Prem Suwal, Tek Bahadur Basnet, Dipak Bohora, CP Mainali, Hari Charan Sah, Ram Hari Khatiwada and Eknath Dhakal, criticised India for imposing blockade on Nepal. Chairperson of International Relations and Labour Committee of the Legislature Parliament Prabhu Sah presented the committee’s report at the House today.