MPs flay PM over words on King

Kathmandu, August 8:

Members of Parliament today flayed Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala for “delaying the peace process and defending the monarchy.”

“We do not want the continuation of the monarchy. Let Koirala carry the monarchy on his shoulders,” said UML MP Prakash Jwala, adding: “Koirala should be held responsible if the peace process fails.”

He also accused Koirala of being involved in a ploy hatched by royalists to wreck the peace process. Koirala should apologise for his speech, which was aimed at defending the monarchy, Jwala said. Jwala was speaking during the special hour of the House.

“Loktantra has space for the people, not the King,” he said. Janamorcha Nepal MP Lila Mani Pokhrel also warned that PM Koirala will be held responsible if the peace process fails.

MP Narayan Man Bijukchhe urged Koirala to clarify whether his remarks on the monarchy reflected the government stance or his personal one. UML MP Jagan Nath Khatiwoda urged Koirala to clarify why he made the speech in defence of the monarchy.

Nepali Congress MPs Shiv Bahadur Basnet and Kamala Pant Acharya, however, said it was wrong to accuse NC of defending the monarchy.

Now, Thapa seeks ‘space’

KATHMANDU: Supporters of the king’s direct rule, affiliated mainly with the Thapa faction of the RPP, on Tuesday demanded ‘political space’ in the changed scenario. Speaking at an interaction held here on Tuesday, president of the RPP-Thapa Kamal Thapa claimed the seven-party alliance was taking the country towards a state of anarchy by making “illegal decisions” and not listening to the voices of the pro-royalists. — HNS