MPs’ concern over Maoist activities despite truce

Kathmandu, May 22:

Parliamentarians today drew the attention of the Maoists through the Speaker of the House to make clear their stance on the ceasefire.

Demanding special time in the House, MP Aftaf Alam sought an immediate probe into the blast at the house of Rautuhat Nepali Congress leader, Jogendra Sahani, which was carried out by the Maoists “despite the ceasefire.”

“That is not all. They (Maoists) even kidnapped Sahani’s sons from their house in Rautuhat,” Alam said, while terming the incident as “serious.”

MP Jagannath Khatiwada, too, came down heavily on the Maoists for “forcefully” taking away telephone equipment, which were supposed to be installed in Udaypur.

“I don’t understand why they (Maoists) are carrying out such activities when there is a ceasefire in place,” he said. “What do they want the money for?” he queried. Khatiwada also asked Home Minister Krishna Sitaula to take the matter seriously.

MP Birodh Khatiwada asked the government to make public the details of arms and ammunition, including their type, quantity, quality and the place where they have been stored. “If this is not done in time, there are chances they might get lost and could even be used against us,” he warned.

MP Kamala Pant reminded the House of women’s role in the historic mass movement and asked the Speaker to make a ruling to the effect that the House should come up with a law by which an adult could acquire a citizenship certificate through his/her mother’s reference.

The House also endorsed a proposal forwarded by MP Ram Bahadur Bista to constitute a “House of Representatives Regulations Drafting Committee”. The proposal was backed by MP Ananda Prasad Pokhrel. The coordinator of the committee is MP and the president of Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party, Narayan Man Bijukchhe.

Other members include MPs Asta Laxmi Shakya, Ananda Prasad Dhungana, Govinda Bikram Shah,

Tek Bahadur Chokhal, Navaraj Subedi, Parsuram Meghi Gurung, Benup Raj Prasai, Mahendra Bahadur Pandey, Sabitri Bogati, Hari Acharya, Yagyajit Shah and Sushila Swar.

The committee, which will directly be under the Speaker, will ensure that the proceedings of the House are conducted effectively. The committee can also take help from “external” persons, if necessary.