Muddy roads and road expansion project hinder transport

Bhojpur, July 21

The monsoon has badly affected transportation along the Hile-Bhojpur-Naradmani Thunung auxiliary road section as the roads are badly damaged.

Passengers have not been able to reach their destinations after transportation was obstructed by ncessant rainfall. The passengers heading towards Tarai and Bhojpur have been affected most.

Krishna Kala Shrestha, a passenger said, “The bus I took got stuck in the mud and we were compelled to walk.” She said that a tractor had to be used to pull the bus out of the mud at many places of the road section.

The road section has become almost completely muddy, and the ongoing expansion of the road has added to the problem. Transport entrepreneurs said that contracting companies have piled mud at the edge of the road, which spread over the road when it rains.

Earlier, construction companies along the Leguwa-Bhojpur road section had said that they would finish the road construction before the monsoon. “But the work is still incomplete, and we are facing the same problems,” they added.

Transport entrepreneurs had also stopped the service saying that they could not operate vehicles on the rough road.

Krishna Pradhan, a local, said that while vehicles reached up till Shyamshila VDC last year, this year the vehicles have not been able to reach there, owing to the road expansion.

Almost all rural roads in Bhojpur are in the same condition. Vehicles have not been able to run in the areas after the monsoon started.

District dwellers said that the problem would persist until a masterplan of the construction work was made.