Narahari says govt can’t ignore House directives

Tanahu, November 10:

Central member of the Nepali Congress Narahari Acharya today said that there was no need for the political leaders to fuel up the dispute over the proposals on republic and all-out proportional electoral system for CA polls passed by the special session of the interim parliament.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Tanahu chapter of the Ganesh Man Singh Park Conservation Committee in Damauli to mark the late leader’s 92nd birth anniversary, Acharya said: “It is not necessary to further lengthen the dispute over the proposals.”

Acharya, who is considered a staunch republican lobbyist within the Nepali Congress, said that the government cannot ignore the proposals passed by the parliament.

Denying that the claims that the NC is trying to save the monarchy, Acharya said the party’s Mahasamiti Meeting has already adopted a republican line.

“Had the nineteen-day Jana Andolan II had been prolonged for a few more days, a republic could have been established at that time,” Acharya lamented.

“We are of the view of establishing a republic as per the mandate of the people and making republic a common agenda of the seven parties by holding the CA polls based on consensus of the seven parties,” he said.

NC central member Amar Raj Kaini blamed the political parties for not rising above the party interests.