Narayangadh–Muglin road expansion gets momentum

CHITWAN: The expansion of the Narayangadh–Muglin road stretch connecting the central hilly region with Tarai, which was delayed in the wake of the 2015 earthquake and the post-Constitution blockade, is gaining momentum of late.

The earlier contract agreement had required the completion of the work by mid-April 2017, which has now been extended by four months and 15 days.

The expansion work is taking place as per the latest deal, said Shiva Khanal, an engineer with the Narayangadh–Muglin Road Project.

He said 21 per cent of the overall work was complete so far.

The project for expansion of the road started in mid-April 2015. Every day, transportation along the road stretch is barred from 11 am to 3 pm for the expansion.

The road expansion is taking place in midst of sporadic landslides as it requires trimming down hills on the side of the road.

The World Bank had extended a support of Rs 2.9 billion for the project.