National convention of govt attorneys on Dec 23

BANIYANI: The national convention of government attorneys is going to be held in Kathmandu on December 23 for effective implementation of the newly enforced Criminal Code.

The Code that went into effect from August 17 this year replaces General Code popularly known as Muluki Ain.

According to Jhapa District Court Judge, Keshav Prasad Panta, the convention will dwell on the ambiguous provisions giving multiple layers of interpretation that are in the new Criminal Code and remove them.

A total of 25 working papers would be presented in the convention. "The convention is also expected to enhance the capacity of lawyers," said Judge Panta.

Furthermore, he is confident that the convention would contribute to delivering justice in an objective manner.

Around 400 government prosecutors and lawyers from 80 stakeholder agencies in the country will participate in the event.