National dress mandatory for local reps attending official programmes in Bhojpur

BHOJPUR: The local representatives of Arun Rural Municipality in eastern Bhojpur, the headquarters of Bhojpur district, will have to wear the national dress while attending official programmes from now on.

Arun Rural Municipality Chair Gajendra Bahadur Karki said the representatives attending the meetings will have to wear the national dress — Daura-Suruwal (trouser) for men and sari-cholo for women — as a general rule. He said that the rule has been drawn up to set a culture of disciplined and decent environment for official meetings. The rural municipality chair added that the meeting would be postponed in case of violation of the rule.

Moreover, the rural municipality's executive chief, Pradeep Gautam said that government staff would not be allowed to attend official meetings, official programmes and monitoring duty without uniform.