National independence must for civilian supremacy: Kiran

KATHMANDU: Senior vice-chairman of the Unified CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya 'Kiran' today said the party's stance on 'restoring civilian supremacy' had now been changed.

"What we've perceived is civilian supremacy was abducted not only from within the country, but foreign powers are also responsible for it. Therefore, our main agenda will be to fight for national independence and against foreign interference," he said, addressing a function organised by Kirat Academy Nepal.

He said the main objective of the movement was to lead the peace process to a logical conclusion, draft the constitution, restore civilian supremacy and to form a national government under the Maoist leadership.

However, things have been changed now, the Maoist leader added. "Now the party is concentrated on safeguarding national independence."

"Civilian supremacy can be restored only after ensuring national independence, as foreign reactionaries have been meddling in every affair of the country," he said. "Unless we end all forms of intervention, civilian supremacy cannot be restored."

He added his party was for a broad political front to fight foreign intervention. "Our politburo and central committee meeting will chalk out the fourth phase of agitation."

Baidhya called on all nationalist as well as other powers to unite to tackle foreign intervention.