Nature’s wrath takes its toll on basic amenities

KAILALI: Can anyone hazard a guess, how long one can survive sans drinking water? Ramkishan Chaudhari, a resident of Lalbojhi-6, knows the hardship

better than most.

He has not had a gulp of drinking water for the past four days. Neither has he eaten anything substantial.

“I didn’t drink any water for the past few days since only muddy water is coming from the tap,” he said. In these hard times, he and his nine family members are making do with some packets of biscuits and instant noodles. More than three dozen Tharu families, too, are facing similar existential problem. Their farmland has become a whirlpool of rainwater overnight.

Though the Kandra flows around three km from Chaudhari’s residence, it is now meandering through his


He and his family members have been spending sleepless nights on the roof of their house. A fate shared by most of his community members — the Tharus — in the area. Predictably, rescue and relief operations are few and far between.