Nawalparasi sees decrease in child marriage

KAWASWOTI: Incidents of child marriage are on the descending trend in Dhauwadi and Deurali VDCs and Madhyabindu Municipality of Nawalparasi district with growing public awareness, of late.

Locals said that child marriage incidents have decreased after various public awareness campaigns put in place by Social Development and Research Centre, Gaindakot for a year.

According to a study undertaken from January 2014 to March 2015, Dhauwadi saw 65 child marriage incidents, Deurali VDC 100 and Tamsariya 55.

Likewise, from March to mid-December 2015, it was found that only 20 child marriage incidents took place in Dhauwadi, 20 in Deurali and 14 in Tamsariya VDC, said Centre's Programme Coordinator Shova Koirala.