NSN will attract cadres from other parties: BRB

Kathmandu, November 12

Coordinator of Naya Shakti Nepal and former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai said a large number of cadres from other political parties would join his party in the coming days.

Speaking at a press meet in London today, Bhattarai said old parties that had some knowledge of  organising protests and movement successfully in the past  were not in a position to achieve the goals of development and prosperity in the new age.

According to a press release issued by the NSN, Bhattarai said there was no possibility of unity between his party and Pushpa Kamal Dahal led CPN-Maoist Centre.

“We would not join the Maoist party rather people from all parties would join our party,” he said in response to a journalist’s query.

He said his party was different from all the old parties and it could alone lead the economic revolution. “Those who join NSN cannot become Maoists,” he added. Bhattarai said NSN leaders and cadres needed to shed their old legacy. “When I joined this party, I did not even tell my wife about it,” he said.

Bhattarai said he could have brought thousands of Maoist cadres in his new party but he deliberately did not do so because he wanted to create a new and alternative political force. “Had I had brought Maoist cadres in the NSN, it would have been another Baburam-led Maoist party as there are Baidhya and Biplav (Netra Bikram Chand)-led Maoist parties. According to the release, Bhattarai said his party would play a role in accelerating the pace of industrialisation in Nepal in order to achieve the goals of economic development and prosperity.

“Our per capita income is $700 which means we are below the poverty line, not only our people but also the country is below the poverty line,” he added.

Bhattarai said his party’s main policy was to focus on the economic wellbeing of the people.