Bhattarai rues delay in institutionalisation of democracy, federalism

Dhankuta, February 1

Former prime minister and Naya Shakti Party-Nepal Coordinator Baburam Bhattarai has lamented the centralist mentality in the leadership of the country, blaming the same for the delay in the institutionalisation of democracy and federalism.

“As our political leadership is yet to recover from the psychological hangover of the erstwhile centralist regime, devolution of power to the local levels hasn’t taken place, which is the reason why institutionalisation of democracy is taking time,” said Bhattarai, speaking at a press conference in Dhankuta today.

Bhattarai, who had started his Mechi-Mahakali march along the Puspalal Highway from Chyangthapu of Panchthar to make the people aware about his party’s ideogy and programmes on Tuesday arrived in Dhankuta today.

“Democracy can’t be institutionalised until the people can exercise their sovereign rights,” Bhattarai argued, adding, “As there are both who are in favour of federalism and against it, drafting laws and implementing those already drafted have been difficult.”

On a different context, Bhattarai said it was unbecoming for Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chairperson Puspa Kamal Dahal to release a statement in connection with the crisis in Venezuela.

“In fact, the Venezuela crisis doesn’t call for the release of a statement. In fact, it only reflects his (Dahal’s) fickle nature who mostly acts on impulses,” he argued.

Bhattarai also stressed the need for talks between the government and Dr KC. “Though Dr KC’s demands are right, both government and Dr KC must stop sticking to their guns and come to the talks table,” he said.