NC, CPN-MC to form DCC in Jajarkot

Jajarkot, August 2

A joint panel of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-Maoist Centre was elected to the District Coordination Committee of Jajarkot.

The coalition’s panel was led by CPN-MC candidate Man Bahadur Rawal, who received eight of the 14 votes for the post of DCC coordinator. His closest contender Gore Bahadur Karki of CPN-UML received six votes. NC’s Gyani Prasad Sharma beat her closest rival Kamaladevi Shahi by 2 votes.

Likewise, while the NC’s Kaldar Singh and Tej Bikram Shah were elected members from the open category, CPN-MC’s Bir Bahadur Rawat made it to one of such posts. Similarly, while NC’s Janak Bahadur Nepali won from the Dalit membership category, two candidates from CPN-MC and one from NC were elected members from the women’s category.

Fourteen persons including the chiefs and deputy chiefs of seven local levels of the district had taken part in the election.

UML had been the first party here, winning six posts of chiefs and deputy chiefs at the three local bodies, while NC and CPN-MC had won five and three posts of local level chiefs and deputy chiefs respectively in the recently concluded local polls.