Kathmandu, July 9 :

Leaders of the Nepali Congress-Democratic today called upon the Nepali Congress to take initiatives to re-unite the two parties.

They said they prefer conscientious merger of the two parties rather than completely dissolving one into another. “We want due position after the merger of the parties,” said leader Bal Bahadur KC.

He blamed the earlier NC leadership of steering and driving the party on their own will, which subsequently led to the division.

“What followed the division was a misfortune for the entire country. We lost democracy, human rights situation deteriorated, the Press was gagged, the house dissolved and ultimately we had to fight for democracy one more time.”

KC also claimed that the constituent assembly would not be possible without unification of the parties. He said, “One call by Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala might prevent a disaster.”

Another leader Dhundiraj Shastri said, “It is easier said than done. Party unification is desirable but dissolution of ND-D into NC is unacceptable.”

Dr Bhupati Dhakal, president of the Nepal University Teachers Association, said the leaders should stop wrangling for positions.

“It will be wise for us to keep our difference aside and decide on the issue of party unification before the constituent assembly elections without further delay,” Dr Narayan Khadka said. Citing a report on potential alliance between leftist forces, he appealed to the democratic forces to come together to fight any extreme force. “We don’t have to hesitate to accept the fact that our party will ultimately dissolve into the NC. We want Girija Prasad Koirala to call publicly for party unification at the earliest,” he said.