NC indulges in favourite past time

Sindhupalchowk, December 5:

Nepali Congress vice president Prakash Man Singh today said the Maoists were infringing the politics of agreement and consensus.

Addressing a programme organised as part of the party’s national awareness campaign at Jyamiremane in Sindhupalchowk district, he said, “As the Maoists got more seats in the CA polls, they are trying to impose dictatorship by neglecting the politics of consensus.”

“It will be meaningless to talk about new constitution if the government fails to establish lasting peace in the country,” he said.

Saying that the Maoists are not implementing the comprehensive peace accord, he said, “They are creating hindrances themselves to lead the peace process ahead.”

Qualified PLA fighters should be integrated into security bodies on the basis of skill and competencies, he said, adding that NC protested the PLA integration with Nepal Army as there was chance of politicisation of NA if all PLA fighters were merged with it.

Meanwhile, speaking at another programme organised in line with awareness campaign at Kakani of Nuwakot district, NC leader Arjun Narsingh KC said the CPN-Maoist had failed to run the government bringing the coalition partners in trust and draft the new constitution. He said, “NC will not co-work with the Maoists until the latter implement the past accords and follow democratic norms.”