NC intensifies awareness campaign in Mahottari

Mahottari, November 27:

Nepali Congress (NC), Mahottari, has intensified its campaigns in the district as part of the party’s nationwide public awareness campaign against autocratic monarchy. A five-member-group headed by central leader Ram Chandra Pokharel is active holding meetings with party activists in different parts of the district. Nepali Congress sources said a grand protest

programme will be held at district headquarters Jaleshwor on November 30 after concluding village-level and regional-level meetings.

“Public awareness campaign has already reached to the rural areas. Pokhrel said taking the message of the party’s 11th convention to the village-level activists would make them more active in the fight a gainst autocracy. “The city-centred movement has now reached the villages across the nation,” Pokharel said. The 12-point agreement reached between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists will make the movement more powerful in rural areas, he said. “The Maoists have agreed to give up arms and join the peaceful democratic mainstream. It’s a historical shift,” Pokharel said.