New Delhi, June 3 :

Central member of the Nepali Congress (NC) Arjun Narsingh KC today said the possibility of unification between the two Congress parties of Nepal has increased. “Prime Minister and NC president Girija Prasad Koirala is in favour of the unification. Second-generation leaders of both the parties have initiated talks on the matter,” KC told The Himalayan Times today, the last day of his two-week stay in India.

KC met leaders of Indian political parties and high-level government officials and held discussions with them on the solutions to existing problems plaguing Nepal. Stating that he would hold talks about party unification with second-generation party leaders once he returns to Kathmandu, KC said the unification of the two parties was essential and probable.

Political parties should be transparent and should carry out their activities as per the law, he said, calling on the parties to practise democracy within their organisations.

Claiming that Nepali Congress was divided due to ego, doubts and personal ambition, KC reiterated that the unification of the two parties was essential for the nation.

Meanwhile, speaking at a meet organised by the Migrants’ Committee of NC in India today, KC said the responsibility of realising the three mandates of the peoples’ movement, namely the end of autocracy, the establishment of lasting peace in the nation and restructuring of the nation through the constituent assembly, was very challenging. Only through the cooperation and unity between all the political parties can these mandates be accomplished, he said.

Bal Krishna Pandey and Tek Raj Pokharel of the committee also addressed the meet.