NC not interested in new govt, says Paudel

CHITWAN: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Ram Chandra Paudel claimed that the NC was not planning to form a new government anytime soon.

Speaking in a press conference organised by Nepal Press Union, Chitwan district chapter, at the Bharatpaur Airport on Saturday, Paudel observed that the CPN-UML was leading the government successfully and the NC would wait as long as it would function well.

Paudel, who was defeated by Sher Bahadur Deuba in the party's presidential election earlier this week, said that the strength of his party should be maintained by ending the factionalism.

Answering the question about what kind of help he would do to the party, Paudel answered that he would work hard to strengthen the party, maintaining, "My belief is that one becomes stronger if the party is strong."

Notwithstanding internal competition in the party, the NC should establish itself as a competitive party in the national politics, he added.

Paudel was in Bharatpur for a family function.