KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress chief whip Laxman Prasad Ghimire on Tuesday said that only the draft prepared on the basis of the common consensus sankalpa prastav was the bottom-line for the Nepali Congress. Speaking at Reporters Club, Ghimire ruled out the possibility of discussions on the question of the president at the floors of the parliament.
“There would be no further discussions at the parliament on the President’s move to sack the ex-CoAS Rookmangud Katawal,” he reiterated his party’s stance. “Maoist-led government staged a coup by sacking Katawal but President’s move went on to save the nation,” he said, challenging the UCPN-M to bring the motion of non-confidence in the legislature-parliament if it wanted to topple the present government. “They may speak whatever they like in the parliament but it is very unlikely that their demands be accomodated over the Sankalpa Prastav,” he added.