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NC to bridge gap between govt, agitating parties

Madhesi Front decides to complement street protest with their presence in the House

Prakash Acharya
Top leaders of Nepali Congress taking part in Central Working Committee in Kathmandu. Photo: RSS

Top leaders of Nepali Congress taking part in Central Working Committee in Kathmandu. Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, November 7

The main opposition Nepali Congress will resort to pressure the government from the Parliament to pass the constitution amendment bill registered while it led the government.

The Congress also aims to bring the agitating Madhesi community to the mainstream.

After CPN-UML ministers opposed the NC’s proposal of constitution amendment, the NC-led government had unilaterally registered the amendment bill in Parliament. The bill seeks to add proportional inclusion in the constitution and also provisions constituency delimitation on the basis of population.

These two are the major demands of agitating parties apart from boundaries of federal units.

“The NC wanted to move ahead with the amendment bill and resolve the concerns of agitating Madhesi community, but the UML had opposed saying there was no need of amendment and it was not the proper time for it,” NC Vice-president Ramchandra Paudel said.

Paudel said NC would initially play its role in the Parliament in a sober manner without obstructing House proceedings. “But, proceedings will be obstructed if the government ignores the issues. “The NC also requested leaders of agitating parties to join the House and find solutions there,” Paudel said.

Issuing a statement, Paudel appealed to the agitating Madhes-based parties to seek solutions from Parliament.

“I express commitment that NC is ready to address the genuine demands of Tarai-Madhes through Parliament,” said Paudel.

NC has concluded that solutions sought from Parliament will help fulfil responsibilities towards the nation and people, Paudel said. “The Parliament should be a forum for resolving problems and the constitution amendment bill should move ahead as a first step,” Paudel said.

Also, the NC is preparing to pressure the government to move ahead with the bill related to reconstruction authority for rebuilding structures damaged in the April-25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

The relation between NC and UML had soured after the latter opposed the NC’s constitution amendment proposal and did not cooperate on the authority-related bill.

“It was complete non-cooperation on the part of then coalition partner UML that had delayed the authority related bill. The UML had introduced around 50 amendment proposals to the bill and created a situation of lack of quorum in the House not allowing the bill to move ahead,” said Paudel, adding “The NC would play a strong role to move the bill ahead.”

The Parliament’s Legislation Committee is preparing to discuss the bill tomorrow morning and decide whether to move ahead with it at the House meeting scheduled for 11:00am.

Around 55 amendment proposals, most from UML MPs, were registered at the House. The UML-led government is preparing to bring a new bill on it, according to government sources.

UDMF to participate in Parliament

KATHMANDU: The agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front on Saturday decided to participate in parliament and resort to strong protest to pressure the government to fulfil its agendas.

“UDMF has decided to launch strong protest within the House, which will complement its street agitation. It could culminate in obstruction of House proceedings,” said Sarvendra Nath Shukla, general secretary of Tarai Madhes Democratic Party.

Asked about partnership with the main opposition NC, Shukla said, “The possibility will remain low as the NC is still not clear about our concerns related to boundaries of federal units.”

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