NC trying to block Maoist-led govt: Badal

Chitwan, May 17:

Senior Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ today said the seven-point pre-conditions set by the Nepali Congress was a ploy to prevent the CPN-Maoist from leading the next government.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Narayangarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries to honour CA members elected from Chitwan district here today, Badal said the NC’s demands, including the dissolution of the YCL, would only create problems for the NC itself.

“It is not at all reasonable to demand dissolution of any organisation on the ground of a few mistakes,” he said.

“What will happen if we demand the dissolution of Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML on ground of a few of their mistakes?” he questioned.

Saying that politics and economy should go side by side, he said that current political structure in Nepal was a hurdle to economic progress.

He said the current political structure benefits only a few people and it cannot uplift the economic status of the majority of Nepalis.

Though other political parties were given opportunity and responsibility, they could not deliver what was expected of them.

“That’s why the people gave mandate to the Maoists. As the people have given mandate to the Maoists, the new government should be led by the Maoists.”

Saying that any action aimed at creating obstruction to the formation of a new government led by the Maoists could not be justified from any angle, Badal warned of a revolt if things did not go smoothly as per the people’s mandate.

Saying that he was still on the course of struggle, he said becoming a CA member was not the final point of satisfaction for him.

“We won a war by making the CA poll a success. We have entered another phase of the struggle — drafting a new constitution,” he said, adding, “We will succeed in making a new constitution with the right leadership and new vision.”

Janamorcha Nepal chairman and CA member from Chitwan-5 Amik Sherchan said the political parties’ first duty after the successful election was to abolish the monarchy.

Of 13 members elected to the Constituent Assembly from Chitwan under

both direct and PR elections, nine were present in the function.