NC, UML conspiring to dissolve CA: Dr Bhattarai

POKHARA: Vice-Chairman of the Unified CPN-Maoist Dr Baburam Bhattarai today said the government was conspiring to dissolve the Constituent Assembly. Speaking at an interaction entitled “National Independence, Constitution Writing and Independent Economy”, Bhattarai said, “The ruling CPN-UML and Nepali Congress have been hatching conspiracies to dissolve the CA fail the constitution writing process and empower the president,'' adding,'' These two parties want to resurrect the statute of 1991.''

Bhattarai also claimed that the post of President and the Prime Minister will be nullified if the CA cannot draft the new statute by the deadline.

He also urged the public to pressure these parties for the timely statue.

Stating that political parties have not paid attention in statute drafting process he said, “The NC and the CPN-UML are against federalism.''

He also reasoned that his party had been organising protest programmes as all the other parties are against the peoples' aspiration and civilian supremacy.

Opining that there was a necessity to revise the existing treaties between Nepal and India he said, “Both the countries should gain equal benefits from the treaties.''

Meanwhile, regarding the economy of the country Bhattarai said, “We have dependent economy and life standard of the people is yet to be improved.'' Dr Bhattarai, further, claimed that the gap between the rich and the poor has widened in the last two decades.