Kathmandu, August 22:

Lawmakers of the Nepali Congress (NC), UML, NC (Democratic) today demanded proroguing the budget session.

MP Raghuji Pant of the UML demanded that the current session either be ended or prorogued to create an environment for the constituent assembly polls. Pant suggested the CPN-Maoists not to float any pre-condition for the elections.

Saying that the constituent assembly elections would help to “remove” monarchy, he said Nepalis people cannot accept any change that comes out of guns or force. Lawmaker Ram Kumar Chaudhary of the NC accused the Maoists for advocating in favour of giving continuity to the budget session.

Bharat Prasad Shah of the Maoists accused the NC for guiding the Chure Bhawar Ekata Samaj. Uma Adhikari of the NC-D said the CA election must be held to avoid political confusion. MP Leela Mani Pokhrel of the Janamorcha Nepal suggested a consensus among the eight parties to “remove” the king.