NC’s act to set 7-point condition ‘a mistake’

Kathmandu, August 14:

Three months have passed since the Nepali Congress set a seven-point precondition aiming to forge a consensus among parties. However, the significance of the precondition seems to have diminished with the changed political scenario.

On May 12, the NC central committee had set the seven terms for the sake of political consensus. The conditions include dissolution of the YCL, destruction of Maoists’ weapons, hand-over of property seized by the CPN-Maoist to the rightful owners, amendment to the constitution, end to acts of intimidation and end to political intervention in constitutional bodies. However, except constitution amendment, no other precondition was met. The NC seems to have lost many opportunities because of the conditions.

Political analyst Professor Krishna Pokharel said the NC, holding the leadership of the government, set conditions for other parties. But the party itself was busy creating hurdles to the development of political consensus due to the preconditions, he said. “The NC’s seven-point pre-conditions helped other parties strike a deal and eventually placed them in an opposition.”

Pokharel said the recent political developments showed that the conditions were brought to prohibit the CPN-Maoist from forming the government and make Girija Prasad Koirala the prime minister again. “The conditions should have targeted to form consensus. Now it turned out to be impacting on the politics of consensus.”

He added that the significance of the conditions faded when the NC failed to do the party should have done while sitting in the government such as formation of several commissions and solving the problem of the disappeared people.

Commenting on the NC’s preconditions, civil society leader Dr Devendra Raj Panday said the terms are the NC’s demands so they may come handy to the party in future when they will sit in opposition.

On the other hand, columnist Shyam Shrestha said the preconditions were against the spirit of democracy and they were sure to be criticised. “How can a party set preconditions against others in democracy?” he questioned. “Setting terms by a ruling party is unsuitable. Nowhere in the world a party can set preconditions at a time it has to quit the government and handover the power to another party,” he said.

NC leader Laxman Ghimire said that no points of the preconditions were seriously fulfilled expect the constitution amendment. “Our party raised the issue of the precondition in every meeting but the CPN-Maoist merely gave lip service and end up without materialising,” he said.