NCP Vice-chair Bamdev Gautam appeals for party unity

KATHMANDU: Vice-chair of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Bamdev Gautam has put forth an appeal to save the party's unity. To this end, he has launched the NCP Unity National Campaign, of which he is the coordinator.

Issuing a statement this morning, Vice-chair Gautam has asked all the sides to come together as an organised force to help unify the two warring factions of NCP.

"Today, Nepal's Communist movement is in a state of crisis. This circumstance is pushing the country's communist force into division," Gautam remarked, adding, "in a historic achievement, Nepal Communist Party formed the government by garnering two-thirds majority through a democratic process. However, it is sad and painful to witness the party moving towards division even before the completion of three years of party unification and prior to the government completing its first term."

Gautam stated that unification between the two communist forces of the nation -- one that was present at the centre of national politics through peaceful struggles for four decades and the other that came to fore after ten years of armed struggle -- had added a new dimension to Nepal's political scenario. "It is but natural that amalgamation of both sides would have its challenges owing to different school of thoughts, feelings, and work techniques. But this would be less of a challenge once both the sides accept the political system of putting first the Constitution, rule of law, and the approach of multi-party democracy."

He therefore appeals to all to not be divided and organise themselves for the national campaign of bringing together the communist forces of the nation.

Calling on the party members within the country and abroad, Gautam said, "Wherever you are, stay there and organise the NCP unity campaign and reach out to cadres who seem tilted towards party division." He asks everyone to come together in spreading the word of party unity as the only way forward.

Condemning both the NCP factions -- one led by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and the other led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Madhav Kumar Nepal -- Gautam calls on both the sides to stop the fight which he believes has given an opportunity of criticism to those against the communist ideology within and outside the country. Through his statement, he entreats both sides to come back together to reinstate the party that was formed through the sacrifice of thousands.

"I stand in front of you, without supporting either of the groups, with the sincere plea to save the party's unity," Gautam declared.

The ruling NCP had split on December 22 after Prime Minister Oli recommended the dissolution of House of Representatives on December 20. The recommendation was swiftly approved by President Bidya Devi Bhandari and what followed was the announcement of mid-term elections in April-May 2021.