NC’s Amresh Singh flays draft statute

BIRGUNJ, July 18

Nepali Congress leader Amresh Kumar Singh has taken exception to the draft constitution, saying if the constitution is promulgated based on the same draft, there is risk of disintegration of the country.

Speaking at an interaction organised to discuss the draft constitution vis-a-vis Madhes in Birgunj, Singh argued that the draft constitution is flawed.

“We the Madhesis are never in favour of splitting the country, but if a statute is written in line with this draft, it could split the country, as the ruling elites of the capital have always wanted,” said Singh.

Singh also accused the four

parties that signed the 16-point deal, which paved the way for the draft constitution, of plotting to promulgate an anti-Madhes constitution ‘in order to fulfil their vested interests’.

“The ones who are at the helm always accuse the Madhesis of trying to disintegrate the country, but let me make it clear... if such attitude of the leaders continues, it is sure to give birth to 10 or more CK Raut in Madhes,” he warned.

The draft born out of the 16-point agreement among the so-called major parties is against federalism and the spirit of inclusiveness, he said.

On top of it, the document has downplayed the martyrs and the Interim Constitution written with their blood, Singh added.

He also questioned the rationale behind conducting the CA elections twice.

“If they had to bring such a constitution, why did they conduct second CA elections and spent billions of rupees? Singh wondered.