NCs review on agenda continues

KATHMANDU: Central leaders of the Nepali Congress (NC) have intensified internal discussions in a bid to come up with a unanimous and authentic view on various contentious issues of the peace and the constitution-drafting processes. The discussions that started yesterday are still on.

NC spokesperson Arjun Narsingh KC said, “We began discussions yesterday at the party’s parliamentary party office and it will be continued for days.”

According to NC central member Narahari Acharya, the meetings are mulling over forms of governance, state restructuring and structure of legislative bodies and judiciary in the new constitution, management of Maoist combatants and party’s general convention.

“The discussions will help NC present its view at the Constituent Assembly and clear the confusion of party leaders on those issues,” said Acharya.

Meanwhile, party sources said that NC began such discussions to help the Central Committee (CC) meet to be held within few days in making a final decision. The CC meeting that started more than a month ago has been put off since March 9 after it failed to take decisions on the set agendas. “The CC meeting was put off due to the deteriorating health of the party President Girija Prasad Koirala and also because of most of the leaders are outside Kathmandu. It will resume within the next few days,” said spokesperson KC.

The CC is mulling over resolving internal disputes surfacing in different districts and fixing new date for the 12th general convention of the party and issues related to the peace process.