NEA collects fine of one lakh rupees for electricity theft

Bhojpur, March 5

Nepal Electricity Authority Bhojpur distribution branch has collected a fine of Rs one lakh in a week in the NEA’s electricity leakage control campaign in Bhojpur.

The NEA team, along with police personnel, found during an inspection that locals had been using electricity without the NEA’s metre box.

An NEA source said the team caught a local named Bhim Prasad Ghimire of Charambi VDC who had connected power directly from the source and to irrigate his farms. “Ghimire had cut off the main line and joined the hook to it. We have fined him Rs 41,050,” the source added.

Similarly, the monitoring team collected a fine of Rs 78,619 from Tamke Furniture Industry.

The NEA said the team had also cut off the line of those customers who did not pay their due amounts for three months.