NEA urged to electrify Karnali

Surkhet, December 21

Karnali Province government has urged Nepal Electricity Authority to link all the districts of the province with the national grid at the earliest.

Karnali Province Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi made the request at a discussion with NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising at the Office of Chief Minster and the Council of Minister in Surkhet’s Birendranagar today.

At present, work related to expansion of national power grid to Kalikot district is underway.

“As per today’s discussion, the transmission line will be expanded to Jumla from Kalikot through the Karnali Highway,” said Shahi.

“We just want the NEA to be ready for electrification of the places where people are bound to live in darkness. The government should take care of the problems that may surface in the course of rural electrification,” he added.

Karnali Province Internal Affairs and Law Minister Naresh Bhandari said the government has requested NEA to provide electricity metre and wire free of cost keeping in view the poor economic status of most

of the households in the province. NEA Executive Director Ghising said the authority is positive about the proposal of electrification of the province.

“There has been a tentative agreement, as per which the Asian Infrastructure Bank and European Investment Bank are likely to provide soft loan worth 22 billion rupees for us for the electrification of three provinces including Karnali, of which around 11 billion will be spent for Karnali Province alone,” he said.

The NEA chief also informed about his plan to complete expansion of electricity service in the entire country in the next three years. “As regards electrification in Karnali, there is high possibility of producing power in the province itself and supplying it in the region. We can also supply power to the province from other parts of the country,” said Ghising.