‘Need to change age-old mindset’

Chitwan, August 29

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said that being a revolutionary in the past had brought misery and hardship at present.

Addressing the 25th annual general meeting of Federation of Contractors’ Association Nepal in Chitwan, Dahal said  dwelling on the past would not help in moving ahead. Dahal recalled, “We were against the private sector in the past, but we are not following that line now.” He argued that development and prosperity would not come without participation of the private sector.

Stating that government employees were involved in awarding contracts of large development and construction projects to a single contractor, Dahal stressed the need to abolish the collusion and monopoly prevalent in contract awarding. “Up to seven and eight bridges have been awarded to a single big contractor. As a result, work is not completed on time. On the contrary, small contractors are crying for work. This has to end,” Dahal added.

Dahal said he would take the initiative to extend the tenure of many projects hit hard by earthquakes and the blockade by one year as demanded by contractors.

Dahal stressed the need to change the government’s perspective towards contractors and vice-versa. “We have to change our age-old mindset and perspective,” Dahal stated. He said state failure to formulate rules and regulations to regulate the private sector effectively had led to the current state of mistrust and misunderstanding between the government and private sector.

Federation of Contractors’ Association Nepal chairman Bishnubhai Shrestha said the laws should be entrepreneur and contractor-friendly.