Nembang hopes big from elite political panel

DANG: CA chairman Subas Chandra Nembang today expressed hope that the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPM), which was formed today under the leadership of Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala, would be able to forge a consensus among the political parties, breaking the present political deadlock.

Addressing the inaugural function of the fourth special general convention of Federation of Community Forest Users’ Committee in Tulsipur, Nembang said the mechanism would help parties unite and draft the statue within the stipulated time. “It is a positive step of the parties to form the HLPM, paving way for a logical conclusion of the peace process.’’

Nembang said there should be unity among political parties until the promulgation of the new statue. He also claimed that there would not be any difficulty in drafting the statue on time if the parties could forge a consensus.

‘’Only the new constitution can institutionalise the outcomes of the peoples’ movement,” he stressed. “Every problem can be solved if the major three parties are united.’’ Nembang said no foreign force could intervene in the country’s internal affairs if the national forces were united. More than 300 representatives are taking part in the convention.