Nembang hopes House resumption

TANAHUN: Constituent Assembly chairman Subas Nembang today expressed hope that the stalled house would resume soon. Inaugurating a fund-raising Shrimad Bhagwat Gyanmahayagya for Janajyoti Campus at Bhimad, he said, "As the political parties are busy in holding talks, I’m hopeful that the House will resume soon.”

The voice of the people would not be heard if the legislature parliament was disrupted, Nembang said adding, "I’m optimistic that the parties will come to an agreement and resume the stalled House business."

The CA chair said that the achievements of Jana Andolan II were yet to be materialised. He also reiterated that the Interim Constitution should not govern the country for long. "Hence, the parties must show flexibility and draft the new statute on time.”

He also expressed his hope that the new statute, with the unity among all political parties, would be promulgated by May 28, 2010 — the stipulated timeframe. "We can expect it as the CA has been functioning smoothly,” he said."