Nembang stresses on consensus

NeHETAUDA:Constituent Assembly chairman Subas Nembang today said there was no alternative to consensus among the political parties to steer the country from the present political crisis.

Addressing a function organised here today, he also said that it would be a great challenge to write a new constitution within the stipulated time. "We will reach nowhere if we walk alone," he said, adding that it has nearly been a year that the Constituent Assembly first convened. He also informed that the first meeting of the CA held on May 28 last year had mandated the government to draft a new constitution within two years.

He, however, emphasised the need to draft the new constitution within the given time frame as per the people's aspiration. "Lack of consensus can't institutionalise the achievement we have made so far. But the political parties have been divided before fulfiling their major responsibility -- writing a new constitution," he said.