Nembang urges ex-rebels to put declaration of federal states on hold

BIRATNAGAR/DHARAN: Chairman of Constituent Assembly Subash Chandra Nembang today urged the UCPN-Maoist to stop their programme of declaring federal states.

Talking to mediapersons at Biratnagar airport, Nembang said it was not the right time to declare federal states.

Stating that the action would be a violation of the Comprehensive Peace Accord, Nembang said the CA would settle the issue of declaring federal states over time. ''I hope the UCPN-M will not execute its plan of declaring the states and overlook the utility of the CA.

He also assured people that the statue would be drafted in the stipulated time since all the activities were going on accordingly.

Meanwhile, addressing a programme held on the occasion of Chasok Tangnam in Dharan today, Nembang urged all political parties concerned to resume the business of the parliament. He urged all the parties not to obstruct the parliament in any case.

Stating that constitution writing was the main mandate of the people's movement, he called on all the stakeholders to work for a timely statute. Warning that the position of political parties would weaken if the parliament was not strong, he asked parties to act responsibly.

Nembang urged people to unite irrespective of gender, caste or races for the sake of a timely constitution. He maintained that the constitution drafting process had not been affected despite disturbances in the parliament for long.

He said the country had been facing difficulties due to the dispute among parties and urged them to institutionalise the outcomes of the peoples' movement.

Reiterating that the country would follow a federal structure and that the states would be inclusive, he asked all ethnic groups demanding autonomous federal states not to worry.

He was all praise for the government recognition of Kirat Guru Falgunanda as a national hero.