NCP flays NC for siding with Dr KC

Kathmandu, July 23

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal vehemently criticised the Nepali Congress for aiding Dr Govinda KC’s protests.

Addressing a programme organised to mark the death anniversary of legendary communist leader Pushpa Lal, Dahal wondered, “Is the NC trying to play politics over dead bodies?” He added that the so-called democratic forces were trying ‘to kill’ Dr KC.

“Although we airlifted Dr KC from Jumla to Kathmandu to save his life, other parties are trying to kill him,” he said.

Oli said staging hunger strike was an act against human rights. “The NC should not teach us lessons in democracy. When it was in power, it killed 122 people and expelled thousands of teachers and government employees,” he alleged. They said regressive forces had been conspiring against the federal democratic republic and NC had become a part of that plot.

Oli and Dahal said NC could not play a constructive role in resolving the issues raised by Dr KC and claimed that it was making a non-issue an issue.

Oli said the rule of law had to be observed in settling all issues. “This government is not just passing time but trying to achieve the goals of political stability, peace and prosperity,” the PM added. The PM said the NC misused power during its rule but his government would not misuse power.

Oli and Dahal also revealed what transpired in their meeting with NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba yesterday.

Dahal said he told Deuba that the Medical Education Bill was in the Parliament. “Why do we need Parliament if the crowd can decide everything? If the government has to fulfil the demands of somebody who stages hunger strikes, then it will lead to a chaotic situation.”

Deuba, however, was unconvinced by the arguments of Oli and Dahal and told them that protests would continue till Dr Govinda KC’s demands were met.

Oli and Dahal said they were ready to have the dialogue with Dr KC’s teams to resolve the issues related to education and health for the betterment of the country.

Dr KC has been staging the hunger strike for 24 days.