Constitution already dead, only rewriting can revive it: Yadav

KATHMANDU: The chairman of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, Upendra Yadav, claimed that Nepal's new constitution was already dead before it was implemented.

According to him, the constitution would be worthless until and unless it was rewritten to ensure the people's rights because people burnt its copies and rejected it on the very day of its promulgation.

He apparently responded to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's recent statement that there was no scope of the rewriting of constitution.

"If the dead constitution has to be revived, there is another alternative than rewriting it," Yadav said.

Yadav was talking to media at the office of FSF-Nepal's central office in Kathmandu on Saturday.

The former Deputy Prime Minister out that the constitution failed to address the national issues like identity, federalism, inclusivity. The constitution was racist and thus it was rejected, according to him.

Yadav further warned that if the government suppressed the ongoing agitation of Madhesi parties then it would be counterproductive.