Nepal criticises PM for his remarks

Kathmandu, May 25

Senior CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal took a swipe at party Chair and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for his remarks.

Nepal who delivered his concluding remarks at a two day workshop organised by Madan Bhandari Study Centre, said Oli was expressing remarks about politics and development without prudently thinking of the effects of his remarks, which could be detrimental to party’s larger interests, according to Niraj Acharya, former general secretary of Youth Association Nepal.

According to Acharya, Nepal told the participants that the establishment faction led by Oli was promoting groupism in the party.

The senior UML leader also told participants that party Chair Oli was making unilateral decisions on key issues without taking the consent of other senior leaders including himself (Nepal) and Jhalanath Khanal.

Nepal told the participants that party chairman had made unilateral decisions while selecting party functionaries and nominating people in government bodies.